A remake of my original drawing, in honour of zoella hitting 3 million subscribers! Please keep this text and to see the original drawing click HERE ♡♡

  2. My piece of Doe Deere / Lime Crime fan art  featuring all of the current lipstick shades

    From the middle, clockwise: Styletto, Serpentina, Glamour101, My Beautiful Rocket, No She Didn’t, Countessa Flourescent, Coquette, D’Lilac, Great Pink Planet, Airborne Unicorn, Babette, Cosmopop, Geradium, Chinchilla, Mint to Be, New Yolk City, Centrifuschia, Poisonberry and Retrofuturist. 

    (First upload had a few mistakes)

  3. It’s no secret that I have a passion for art but what some of you may not know is that I also have a strong love for the beauty industry. A year ago today I started my first ever blog, dedicated to beauty. It was there that the name twodifferentworlds was born. To me, it’s not just a name that sounds good or was picked randomly. It says so much about me, without me having to say much at all. A year on, and twodifferentworlds is now my identity and without I wouldn’t be the illustrator I am today. It’s helped me discover who I am, and in turn what kind of artist I am. It’s an alias that gives me the confidence to express myself the way I truly want. 

    So Happy Birthday to my sister blog iidifferentworlds.blogspot.co.uk but also Happy Birthday to twodifferentworlds. It’s been a pleasure 


  4. Susan “B Boy” Boyle

    So, I was doing some research for a project I’m working on and typed “street dancers” into Google Images. An image of Susan Boyle popped up and I…I just couldn’t resist. 

    Susan B Boy Boyle

  5. The Salon Inch 

    An illustration about my experience with hairdressers and their understanding of what an inch means.

  6. When the Hard Work Pays Off…

    When I went to check my Facebook last night I was nowhere near prepared for what I was about to discover. A friend of mine popped up to tell me that Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter had not only seen my work but had featured it on her Instagram. Naturally I was sceptical, as this near enough never happens. So I went over to Louise’s profile and it turns out it my friend was telling the truth - I nearly fell off my seat!

    Words can’t describe how much this means to me. The fact that a hero of mine recognised me in this way means that she must believe I have talent. All my life I’ve been the girl who never wins and is never noticed but today that all changed. 

    Over 36,000 people have now liked the photo on Instagram and have left such amazing comments. Even before this point over 400 of you lovely lot either liked or reblogged the fan art I made for both Louise and Zoe. All I can say to you is THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

    Art is my passion, I have put my whole life into it and today all the hard work finally paid off. 

    A x

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  7. Kitty!

    Whilst I’m on a bit of a fanart marathon I thought I’d pay homage to an old favourite of mine. I have been a huge fan of Monsters Inc since the day I saw it, and fell in love with Boo straight away. I wanted to create something that reflected her childhood innocence and playfulness and have done this by retaining absolute simplicity.

    I’ve also tried to break away from my comfort style which is a highly digitalized, cartoon style. I’ve stripped away the solid black outlines I usually go for, trading them in for soft colour and layering.

    Boo and Sulley’s relationship is perhaps the most endearing character relationship there is and I have illustrated that with one simple word - Kitty! One of Boo’s few lines in the film and an adorable one at that. The typography I’ve created for this quote, is again very childlike and playful but is also reminiscent of kawaii typography, adding that extra element of endearment and cuteness.

    If you like this or any of my previous work remember to share it with your friends and give me a follow, it means so much to me.

    Thanks guys - til next time

    A x

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  8. Pokemon Evolutions
    A quick disclaimer: After spending around 24 solid hours working on this I realized I’d made everything about 10 times the size of the canvas (rookie mistake), and I had a right faff on trying to alter things so sorry for the poor quality.

    But anyway here it is…a few Pokemon evolutions. The colour of each tab indicates the type of Pokemon , although some are more than one type but for the sake of simplicity I’ve just indicated one for each. 

    This is dedicated to my brother in honour of all the good times we had watching Pokemon when we were little. I paid special attention to Bulbasaur because that was his favourite one.

    Hope you all enjoy it and I promise to be more attentive next time!


    A x

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  9. Blogger Fanart

    I’m an avid YouTube addict which has led to me creating these two pieces of fan art. It’s always my aim with pieces like this, to capture a real essence of the recipient’s personality.

    Louise, from Sprinkle of Glitter has a very innocent and girly personality (as the name of her channel suggests) and often films videos with her baby daughter. I have given Baby Glitter, as she so fondly calls her, a special role within the image which also helps to bring forth the idea of a “Sprinkle of Glitter”. I think the overall image has an endearing quality which is reflective of her videos.

    Zoe (Zoella) on the other hand, is more of a fashionista. I originally began drawing this to document an idea for an outfit that I’d had earlier that day. However, during the process of putting it together I felt the outfit would be perfect for Zoe. So I began adding recognisable features of hers, like her ombre hair to make the idea more obvious. After a few finishing touches it was complete.

    Let me know what you all think of these - are you fans of theirs too? I’ve got a few projects planned including some non-digital stuff so stay tuned.

    A x

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  10. Welcome to twodifferentworlds

    My name’s Angi and I will be your server. 

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