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    I’m an avid YouTube addict which has led to me creating these two pieces of fan art. It’s always my aim with pieces like this, to capture a real essence of the recipient’s personality.

    Louise, from Sprinkle of Glitter has a very innocent and girly personality (as the name of her channel suggests) and often films videos with her baby daughter. I have given Baby Glitter, as she so fondly calls her, a special role within the image which also helps to bring forth the idea of a “Sprinkle of Glitter”. I think the overall image has an endearing quality which is reflective of her videos.

    Zoe (Zoella) on the other hand, is more of a fashionista. I originally began drawing this to document an idea for an outfit that I’d had earlier that day. However, during the process of putting it together I felt the outfit would be perfect for Zoe. So I began adding recognisable features of hers, like her ombre hair to make the idea more obvious. After a few finishing touches it was complete.

    Let me know what you all think of these - are you fans of theirs too? I’ve got a few projects planned including some non-digital stuff so stay tuned.

    A x

    Copyright of twodifferentworlds

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